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I’m Claire Jones, and the owner of Claire Jones Consultancy (original name, I know!).

I have worked in large scale food manufacturing for the last 15 years, and always in Commercial. I wanted a change, and so decided to take the bits I loved about my job, and go at it alone, whilst remaining within the food industry, which I love. The principals of business are the same, whether you’re selling a product, a service or an experience. There are costs and income and the numbers have to balance. 

I started CJC to support food and drink businesses to achieve their goals, and guide them through some of the pitfalls that they may encounter as their business grows and evolves. With scale comes great opportunities but also challenges, which can prove costly, especially to small businesses.

My experience of working with retailers means I know what they expect, whether that be in the initial presentation to get a listing or to maintain the relationship far beyond launch. But it’s not all about the listings, knowing the levers to pull to optimise production or maximising your profits is just as important.

Whether you are an established brand or start up, in production or hospitality, ensuring you remain resilience and relevance is key to a long and happy journey in the exciting world of food and drink.

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