The minefield that is packaging and the Planet
The minefield that is packaging and the Planet

The war on plastic isn’t an easy one to fix overnight, we all have to do our bit and I am not going to try and make sense of it all, there is too much technical jargon and policies to even know where to begin, but I can add my opinion.

The war on plastic is well and truly underway and you can’t read a facial scrub review or drive down the A40 without it being pointed out to you.

The food industry is responsible for a significant part of the plastics that are ending up in our oceans, as are we as consumers.

Gone are the days of greengrocers available to the masses, and therefore supermarkets have found new and innovative ways to transport, store and improve the fresh fruit and veg we consume. This has resulted in better protection so we get the perfect tomato in our salad, and longer shelf life so we don’t have to shop every day in our ever busy lifestyles.

The main reason for these improvements is the packaging the products hit our shelves in, namely plastic. Removing plastic from our supply chain will force the supermarkets to spend millions of pounds on not only redevelopment of the packaging (and if this isn’t the packaging we see in the stores it will need to be elsewhere in the supply chain to ensure it can be transported efficiently and is fit for purpose), but also all the technical specifications and retraining required for suppliers to change their ways of working. So before we berate the supermarkets and sign our petitions forcing them to change, we as consumers need to change our standards.

Not only should we expect to see a bruised apple, a squashed tomato or a dirty cucumber, but we should also be prepared to buy them. Supermarkets cannot sustain an increase in waste because we only want to buy the ‘perfect’ products, someone should write a cook book based around using less than perfect products, this isn’t about using up leftovers but putting leftovers in our trolleys and making them delicious.

Taking away the plastic is absolutely the right thing to do, so lets all get behind it and do our bit to make life simpler again. 

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