Getting your brand out there…
Getting your brand out there…

We’ve all played the ‘name the brand logo’ quiz, trying to identify big brands from small images in 1 minute. There are some that we know immediately, others that take a little while to come back to us and then the ones that make us kick ourselves when we find out who they are!

We’re able to do this because those brands have created such an identity with their consumers that they are instantly recognizable, and it is this that brings them to the forefront of our minds when we decide to make a purchase of a product or service.

I’ve noticed a couple of times recently where a brand has missed an opportunity to promote themselves as effectively as they perhaps could. This could be intentional, they may have enough work and don’t need to continue to promote themselves, word of mouth may be all they need, but generating new business and getting people talking about you can’t be a bad thing.

Do not underestimate the power of an image and how it will stick in someone’s mind – as human’s we are more likely to remember an image rather than words.

So when you’re in a situation where you are doing your thing, at an event selling your product or performing as a children’s entertainer in front of your next potential customer, make yourself memorable.

A brand logo will stick in people’s heads, so wear it on your t-shirt, put it on a banner, splash it on a coffee cup or give them something to take away. Do whatever you feel most comfortable with, but most importantly make sure they think of you when they’re booking their next event, or require a supplier for their business. 

If you want to review options for your business and how to get it out there, please visit where you can book a 30 minute call on my website, so you can schedule a time convenient to you.

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