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What we can do for you...

Getting a product from idea to launch

Taking a product from idea to launch can be daunting, with so much to consider. CJC can help you make sense of it all, including production, packaging and supply chain, whilst ensuring costs don't get out of control.


Once your product has launched, you want to see more and more people enjoying it. Identifying how to get continued sales and target new markets is key to doing this, whilst ensuring that growth is being converted to profit.

Understanding your market & competition

Where does your product sits on a shelf, understanding your target market, who is your competition and what is your unique selling point to make you stand out above the rest..? These are all questions you should be able to answer. CJC can provide insight and benchmarking to support these answers.

Building relationships with key customers

Making a great first impression is all important when dealing with time pressured buyers. We can ensure that you maximise your impact to optimise your opportunities, ensuring you are 'retailers ready' and fully prepared for any question they throw at you!

End to End profit optimisation

It is key to remain competitive in an ever changing world of inflation and cost pressure. End to End reviews can identify cost savings, whilst maintaining the quality and integrity of your product. This can often require a fresh pair of eyes, creative thinking and a ‘no idea is a silly idea’ approach.

Commercial Project Management

CJC can support with a number of commercial projects, such as price increase negotiations, new business tenders, joint business plans and forecasting & budget setting, as well as offering solutions to distribution and operational challenges

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